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Frequently asked questions

We answer all of your question! The most frequently asked questions are displayed below, but we're sure it's not possible to answer everything online. Are you looking for answers on non-asked questions? Feel free to contact us! The most easiest way to reach us is by writing a e-mail to or call us on (0031) (0)546 815 232.

Luchtfoto Almelo
What are the start and return times for my rental?
Your rental period starts at 9 AM on the start date you've chosen. You are required to return the products on the last day before 6 PM. For example: did you request a rental period from the 20th of June until the 23rd? Then you may pickup the products on the 20th around 9 AM and you're required to bring them back on the 23rd before 6 PM.

What is you policy on cancelations?
You may cancel your reservation for free up to 24 hours before start time. The start time will always be 9 AM on the chosen start date, i.e. you may cancel before 9 AM the day before. If you cancel your reservation within those 24 hours we will charge 50% of the grand total. Rain check? Nobody controls the weather. If you reservation is canceled due to bad weather we will offer you a coupon for another day. Doubts or problems with these regulations? Feel free to contact us, we're here to answer questions!

Do you have cycling routes available?
Ofourse! We have a flyer with different cycling routes available. On every route in the flyer there is a QR code which will automatically bring you to the Google Maps app. In combination with our free of charge phone holder these digital routes will guide your tour including detours at a road closure or wrong turn. Easy right?

Is free parking available?
Our bicycle shop is located on a street where free parking is available. Usually you're able to park in front of the shop, but if not you will be at least able to park within a small walking distance. There is no limitation on parking here, you may park your car as long as you like.

What is the range of an e-bike
All of our electric bicycles are equipped with a very strong battery. Of course it depends on how much you ask from the battery and what the weather conditions are, but you can certainly assume at least 50-60 kilometers before you have to recharge. The charger will be added upon your leave soo you can always recharge a bit when you're stopping for a drink!

What is the distance to the train station?
The train station is nearby! It's a 10 minute walk from the station to our store from were we operate. The busstation is located right next to the train station, soo here goes the same walking distance.

Am I bound by the opening hours?
On sundays and holidays our shop is closed but we're used to the fact that bicycle rental is needed every day of the year. If you'd like to pickup or return a rented object outside the opening hours it's always possible to make an appointment. Normally right after approving your reservation we'll contact you to discuss the times you'd like to be at the shop but of course it's also possible to add your timetable and wishes to the reservation inside the 'notes' field!

What we're offering

Enjoy a beautiful trip
without any worries

Book online with ease
Be able to book a bicycle or
electric scooter online with ease!

You can choose online whether you
just want to make a deposit or pay
the full amount of the booking!

Transparent prices
No hidden fees but one,
fair price per booking!

We do not charge extra costs
for insurance or reservation;
just the rent and a deposit!

Free cycling routes
Including a free phone holder and
cycling routes with Google Maps!

You will receive a folder from us
with the cycling routes that you can
easily start with your own phone!

Fully insured
All of our products are in-
sured against theft and damage!

Of course we expect you to be economical with our products, but
you can't control everything!